Why Blink

Safety - Pilot Experience & Training


Our pilot experience levels and training backgrounds are unequalled in business aviation. Our Captains have an average of 17,000 hours of flying experience.

Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance, and therefore Blink always flies with two experienced pilots. All of our Captains have enjoyed successful careers in commercial aviation, and our Flight Operations team includes senior managers who have previously led some of the world’s most experienced airlines. Not only do our pilots have excellent airline backgrounds, they are now among the most experienced and highest flying-hour Mustang pilots flying commercially in the world.


While pilot experience and pedigree are important, it is the training regimes they follow that ensure your safety in the sky. Blink has created a Safety and Training culture that sets an industry standard.

When initially considering safety, we looked to one of the world’s most respected airlines, one much admired for its safety standards: British Airways. Blink employed four of their most senior Training Captains at the commencement of operations. Apart from having accumulated between 18,000 and 20,000 flying hours each, they have created a standard of aircraft operation and a training culture that matches any of the major international airlines flying today.

Commencing with pilot selection and recruitment, we look for pilots with excellent technical and flying skills, together with excellent people and team skills. Teams work better together than individuals working alone. At Blink, we insist upon all-around excellence. After initial conversion onto the Mustang, all Blink pilots continue with six monthly and annual recurrent training; testing and refreshing their aircraft handling skills, technical knowledge, safety and emergency training, and importantly, non technical training, including CRM, Situational Awareness, and team skills.

Together, our Chief Pilot and Chief Training Captain have established and are maintaining Standard Operating Procedures that are among the most robust in business aviation today.

Rest assured, your safety is our number one priority.


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