Why Blink

Why Blink

Your time is valuable. Whether it is spent maximising profitable activity in your professional life or enjoying your favourite leisure pursuits, Blink can help you make the most of it – without costing the earth. Our mold-breaking prices mean that the benefits of personal aviation are now within easy reach of the business class traveller.

An average European business jet flight carries two passengers and lasts for one and a half hours – so flying on a six to eight-seat aircraft that is designed for a four-hour trip burns money and fuel needlessly, adding to your expense and unnecessarily increasing your carbon footprint.

  • Unbundled prices

    Our uniquely transparent prices are cost-competitive with commercial business class and at least 50% cheaper than current jet charter fares.

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  • Unrivalled access

    With a network of over 600 airports across Europe, we can transport you closer to your final destination rather than an inconvenient commercial hub alternative.

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  • Unparalleled service

    Providing a satisfying and personalised experience is a golden rule at Blink. From booking to arrival, we strive to ensure every moment is as enjoyable as possible.

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  • Uncompromising safety

    Your well-being is our primary concern. Our procedures, practices, technology and training combine to deliver the highest standards of safety.

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  • Improved efficiency

    Tired of wasting your time in crowded airport queues? Need to visit multiple cities in a single trip? Let your business, not the journey, be the focus of your day.

  • Increased convenience

    Do you want to avoid airport traffic jams and end tiresome stopovers? Fly to and from the locations that are most convenient for you, enabling you to be home in time for dinner.

  • Maximised flexibility

    Sometimes you need to be somewhere else — now. Commercial schedules don't like spontaneous necessity, so Blink may be your only cost-effective choice.

  • Enhanced productivity

    It's not just the reduced journey time that helps productivity. Inside a Blink jet, the Boardroom in the SkyTM enables you to make the most of your time onboard.

  • Upgraded comfort

    Does even commercial business class leave you wanting more? Onboard Blink, you have the cabin to yourself and everything you need to make the journey agreeable.

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