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Blink Taxi - just buy and fly

Air taxi journeys are ideal for business and leisure travellers who don’t need to travel regularly or who prefer to book one trip at a time. If you want to experience all the benefits of private aviation without having to pay to become a menber of a club or sign a long term contract, then Blink's air taxi service is for you.

We constantly monitor the marketplace to make sure our prices remain competitive and all of our prices are per-plane, so a fuller Blink jet means a lower cost per-person. You can book with as little as three hours notice, but we also offer 21-day, 14-day, 7-day and 3-day advance purchase fares – so the further in advance you book, the better our price.

Seven benefits of hailing a Blink air taxi

Affordable prices

We are frequently up to 50% cheaper than existing private jet services and, when four people travel together, we’re often comparable with commercial business class fares. The benefits of private air travel have never been so affordable. 

No long term contracts

Just like a normal commercial airline, you can purchase one-off flights as and when you need them. There are no upfront cash deposits, club memberships or long-term contracts to sign. Just buy and fly.

A schedule built around you

Fly at the times that suit you, to the places you want to go.

Book One-way, Day Return or Long-stay return journeys. Or take advantage of our unique ‘Simple Overnight’ fares that make stop-overs more affordable.

If you need to change your schedule or destinations, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Short notice availability

You can book a Blink Taxi flight with as little as three hours notice and you have to be at the airport only 15 minutes before you fly.

So if you’re feeling spontaneous or a business opportunity means you’ve just got to be somewhere fast, we might be your only viable option.

Access more of europe

Blink jets can access over 600 convenient airports throughout Europe, many inaccessible to larger jet aircraft.

This means you can leave from your most convenient local airport and we can get you closer to where you actually want to go – minimising the time and cost of travel at either end of your flight.

Safe & stress-free travel

Every aspect of our organisation has been designed to deliver industry benchmark levels of safety and security and we’re all 100% focussed on your wellbeing.

No queues, no crowds, minimal bureaucracy and your own quiet comfortable cabin makes flying relaxed and enjoyable.

Make the most of your time

Avoid the time-wasting inconvenience of major airports and the all too frequent delays and cancellations of commercial air travel.

Realistically plan to visit multiple destinations in a day, put an end to wasteful overnight stays and enjoy a productive, laptop-ready environment on board.

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