Ways to Blink

Blink Foresight Card – remarkably good value

Fly from just £388 per hour, per person

Joining the Blink Foresight Card programme costs £77,500 (€95,000). This entitles you to 50 flight hours, which works out at £1,550 (€1,900) per flight hour. *This means that with four passengers on board, each flight hour costs just £388 (€475) per person.

We work out how much each flight costs by multiplying the cost per hour by the number of flight hours used. You’ll soon be able to price your next trip on our Foresight Flight Hours calculator. If you want more details about how we calculate total flight hours, take a look at the ‘How does it work?’ section.

Blink Foresight Card contracts are for a 12-month period. Any unused flight hours will be rolled over when your contract is renewed. If your contract is not renewed we will refund your outstanding balance in full.

What is included?

Fares include crew expenses and airport charges for landing and handling – except for when you fly in or out of one of the designated ‘high density airports’ when a supplement will be charged. For details, please talk to a member of our Flight Services team.

The fares also include access to the onboard refreshment centre. During your flight you can help yourself to hot and cold drinks, a range of wines and beers as well as biscuits and bagged snacks.

If you would prefer something more substantial, we can provide Additional Catering for a small supplementary charge. Your Blink Flight Services Team can also arrange ground transfers, and flights on other types of aircraft including helicopters and larger intercontinental jets.

Minimum usage

All flights are subject to a two-hour minimum daily utilization and a 30-minute minimum sector time. If your journey requires the aircraft to fly for less than 30 minutes in one go, or less than two hours over the course of a day, you will still be charged at these minimum rates.

Ancilliary costs

Blink Foresight Card holders also need to cover ancillary costs incurred as a result of their journey including high-density airport supplements, de-icing charges, waiting fees and any supplementary services costs. Wherever possible you will be notified in advance of any ancillary costs relating to your flight.

There are two payment options available to cover ancillary costs:

  1. The Card holder may place a deposit on account of £5,000. If and when your deposit falls below £500 you will be required to top up your deposit with an additional £5,000.
  2. The Card holder may pay by credit card, subject to a 3% credit card fee for Visa/Mastercard and 3.5% for American Express.

Blink will provide an account summary on request and in conjunction with each flight. Any unused Ancillary Costs deposit will be rolled forward when the contract is renewed. If the contract is not renewed, Blink will refund the outstanding balance. 


Remarkably low prices

40-50% cheaper on One-ways and 60-70% cheaper on Day Returns compared competing jetcard programmes

No hidden costs

You only pay for exactly what you use

Lowest price guarantee

If we’re running an offer that's cheaper than your Foresight fare, we’ll charge the lower price

No extra charges

We tell you the price in advance and we stick to it

Zero-cost taxiing time

Time spent taxiing around an airport is completely free of charge