Ways to Blink

Blink Shuttle - take the advantage

Your own private airline

A Blink Shuttle programme has many advantages over flying with a commercial airline or chartering a business jet.

Personal aviation possesses many important benefits: improved efficiency, enhanced convenience, increased productivity and upgraded comfort. Blink brings these benefits within the reach of the commercial airline traveller. : low fares and transparent, unbundled pricing policies, unrivalled access to over 600 European airports, unparalleled levels of personal service and an uncompromising approach to your safety ensures you receive the best value for money for your specific need. This combination creates a compelling argument that is difficult to ignore.

Reducing your total cost of travel

Our experience helping companies save money has demonstrated to us that many companies are unable to analyse a trip’s total costs. Travel managers typically know aggregate air spend, aggregate hotel spend, and aggregate ancillary spend but usually cannot analyse costs on a trip basis. Consequently, companies miss opportunities to save money on a trip by trip basis.

Blink Shuttle can save companies money on a cash-for-cash basis. Blink Shuttles are usually competitive with commercial airline fares. By tailoring the flight schedule around your specific needs, you can eliminate the need for hotels, multiple transfers, and per diems. Flying to and from airports convenient to your offices further reduces transfer costs. As a result, Blink Shuttle can provide a cash savings relative what you are currently paying today.

Increasing productivity across more travellers

Your employees’ time is important and has a quantifiable value. Every hour they waste queuing in lines, waiting at airports, and spending out of the office impacts your business. For some companies, such as professional service firms, the value of an employee’s time is easy to calculate. For others, it is subject to more interpretation. Blink Shuttle’s price point expands the salary and seniority level of employee’s that can profitably travel onboard. For the first time, middle and junior management can save their employers money by traveling by Blink Shuttle. When you factor the value your employees’ time, the cost savings are even more pronounced.

Minimising wastage

Unused aircraft seats waste money and burn fuel unnecessarily. A four seat Blink jet provides the greatest capacity and scheduling flexibility while minimising the financial and environmental impact of empty seats on your flights. . Our work with Shuttle clients indicates that a Blink jet is cost-effective for moving up to 32 people a day between offices. Using multiple Blink typically provides a lower cost per seat than a larger aircraft. Combined with the scheduling flexibility of multiple flights per day, there is simply no other intelligent way to move employees between offices.

A flexible schedule

Blink Shuttle is a bespoke service built around your needs unlike fixed commercial airline timetables. With commercial carriers, you have to organise yourself around their itinerary – with Blink Shuttle, you create the schedule that meets your specific needs. Should your needs change, your flight schedule changes to meet them. Blink has the expertise, agility, and capacity to satisfy almost any variation in demand.

With Blink Shuttle, you can create an itinerary that enables your employees to do more in a day than previously possible, ensuring they can be back at the office sooner than previously possible. . Business activity no longer needs to be truncated or extended into an expensive overnight stop in order to fit to an inconvenient airline timetable.

Blink Shuttle also delivers strategic flexibility. You can adjust your schedule and capacity to meet variations in business activity. If your requirements vary by day, week or month, we can accommodate them. If your needs change seasonally or in response to specific events, we can work with you to optimise your schedule accordingly.


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