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De-Icing Insurance Terms & Conditions

What is De-Icing?

Aircraft de-icing is required when the wings and other essential parts are covered in snow or ice. A unique solution is sprayed over the aircraft which melts the ice quickly, and prevents it re-freezing during take-off.

What does De-Icing a Blink Jet typically cost?

Our de-icing bills range from £450 to over £3,000 depending on the airport, the amount of solution used, and the number of times the aircraft has to be de-iced prior to take-off. An average bill is about £800. This bill is not included in our fares, and is passed onto passengers post-flight at cost.

What is De-Icing Insurance?

Our insurance, when taken with a Blink flight, removes any liability for any deicing carried out during your flight, no matter the cost. No nasty bills post-flight, guaranteed peace of mind.

How Much is De-Icing Insurance?

Insurance is priced at £165 GBP (€200 EUR) per sector. The customer may choose which sectors of their trip they would like to take the de-icing insurance on.


  • De-Icing Insurance is an optional extra, contained within the Flight Confirmation document. If the customer wishes to take out the de-icing insurance they should tick the appropriate box, and countersign, before returning the document to Blink Flight Services.
  • De-Icing insurance, when taken out removes the liability for the customer to reimburse Blink for any charges accrued in relation to de-icing solution used, de-icing unit call-out charges, and other arrangement charges related to the de-icing.
  • De-icing insurance must be taken out no later than 48 hours prior to departure. This should take the form of a phone call or email to Blink Flight Services informing them of the customer's decision.
  • De-icing insurance premiums must be paid to Blink before the sector departs.
  • If the customer has not specified that they would like to take out Blink de-icing insurance, has not signed and returned the signed confirmation, or has not paid for the de-icing insurance premiums prior to departure, then they shall be liable for the full de-icing costs, should they be incurred.
  • De-Icing Insurance is non-refundable once taken out.