Experience Blink

Accomodating you and your luggage

Efficient comfort

Representing the next generation of aviation technology, Blink’s fleet of jets provides a breakthrough combination of speed, safety and quiet-cabin comfort. Onboard, the attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship are comparable to the interior of an executive car.

The six large windows and two-facing-two, club-style seating arrangement enhance the cabin’s spaciousness, while the seats cradle passengers in deep-cushioned leather. The cabin’s size facilitates easy movement around the aircraft and the refreshment centre provides access to serve-yourself snacks and drinks. Should the need arise, there is an onboard toilet.

Discreet productivity

On a commercial flight, the business class cabin environment inhibits productive work. Interruptions and noise limit conversation and break concentration. The possibility for confidential discussion is non-existent.

On a quiet Blink jet, those in your party are the only passengers, making conversation easy and allowing private negotiations to remain just that. The calm and productive environment is laptop-ready, with pullout tables and a 12-volt power supply, enabling you to make the most of your journey.

Handled with care

For their size, Blink jets have a remarkable amount of luggage space – they can even accommodate skis or golf clubs as well as fragile or delicate items.

Unlike travelling commercially, you do not have to worry about restrictions on any personal effects in your carry-on bags – they are allowed onboard.

The only restrictions on the size and weight of your luggage are the dimensions of the baggage compartment doors and the weight limit of the aircraft. A Blink Flight Services representative will assess your total baggage requirements and confirm your per-passenger weight allowance as part of the booking process.