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Day Trip Experience

Save time and enjoy the experience

Blink provides demonstrable cost savings and productivity improvements over traditional commercial airline travel. Saving you, on average, 4 hours per return trip, we think Blink is advantageous at every stage of the journey – here’s how.

Getting to the airport

With so many people converging on the same space, transferring to a major commercial airport usually involves an arduous journey through congested traffic or having to endure public transport systems.

Blink uses smaller, less congested airports ensuring you are never too far away from your departure point, reducing transfer time to a minimum.

At the airport

Commercial airlines insist that you arrive at the airport an hour or more before your flight departs. During this time, you are subjected to long queues at check-in and passport control as well as onerous and intrusive security checks. You face complex restrictions on hand baggage. Once airside, lounges are often overcrowded and difficult to find. You face a long walk to your departure gate and congested airspace can lead to frequent delays.

When you Blink, you can arrive at the airport ten minutes before you depart. Queues don’t exist and security and passport checks are mere formalities. There are no carry-on baggage restrictions and you can often take your car directly to the aircraft, so embarkation is effortless.

On board

Commercial business class is often cramped and your personal space is not conducive to work. Noisy cabins limit conversation and the possibility of having discreet, confidential discussions is non-existent.

On a Blink jet, your party are the only passengers – allowing private negotiations to remain just that. The cabin is remarkably quiet and the 2-facing-2 seating arrangement, with pull-out tabletops, makes for a productive environment.

On arrival

Once your commercial airliner has been assigned a gate and taxied to position, the slow process of disembarkation begins. You have to wait for someone to open the aircraft door, queue in passport control, and then walk to baggage reclaim. When you finally exit the airport, you typically face a long transfer to your final destination.

As soon as your Blink jet has come to a stop, you can disembark immediately and transfer to your waiting transport. As we fly to more convenient airport locations, the transfer to your final destination will be as short as possible.