Blink Spotting

Delivering the Blink Jet

When the Blink Jets are delivered from the Cessna factory in Kansas, they have to fly 4,878 statute miles to reach their base in the UK.

The flight plan takes them from Wichita (Kansas) to Buffalo (New York), onward to Goose Bay (Canada) before heading out over the Arctic Circle.

They stop at Narsarsuaq (Greenland) and Keflavic (Iceland), making a final quick stop in Dublin (Ireland) before touching down at the CSE Citation Centre Bournemouth for finishing touches.

These photos were taken in Narsarsuaq, Greenland during the delivery of G-FBLI and G-FLBK in November 2008. Captain Dougie Gass and Captain Andrew Collicott piloted these first flights alongside test pilots from Cessna.

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Summer in the Skies

This summer has been the busiest yet for Blink.  We’ve flown to all the corners of Europe, and set up summer bases in the the south of France, Sardinia, and the Balaerics to better serve your flight requests.  Our crew have been snapping away everywhere they go, which allows us to share with you some of the views you can enjoy at 41,000 feet onboard Blink.

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Shots from the skies

Every day Blink Jets soar into the skies over Europe,  whisking passengers to their destinations, efficiently, in superior comfort, and all at an affordable price.

An additional benefit is the opportunity to see some fantastic sights, whether it be the majesty of the Alps or the beauty of Paris by night.  Blink Pilots are always on hand to point out these sights when they are of interest.

I’m pleased to share with you some of the sights they have snapped whilst exploring Europe:

Blink Jet in Samedan Time-lapse Video

Last week Blink had a trip to Samedan (SMV/LSZS) in Switzerland and the Flight Services Team were able to watch Capt. Martin Lewis and Capt. Andrew Collicott on the ground, getting fuel, and taking off again.

I made up a little time-lapse video which is now up on YouTube:

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