Blink to the Alps with our ski season deals

This ski season we’re offering incredible fares for long weekend (Friday – Monday) return journeys direct to the most convenient Alpine airports like Sion, Samedan, Chambéry, and St. Gallen Altenrhein. We offer a significant saving to regular jet charter so check out the prices below and start planning your trip by booking online.

Long weekend return (Friday – Monday) fares

Fly from these airports… …to these ski destinations
Sion Samedan Chambéry St. Gallen Altenrhein
London Blackbushe €9,250 €9,950 €10,200 €8,500
Paris Le Bourget €7,950 €8,950 €9,000 €7,500
Nice Cote d’Azur €7,250 €8,000 €8,100 €7,550

Pricing Details

  • Total price includes all landing and handling fees and overnight charges where applicable. De-icing is not included. Blink De-Icing Insurance is available.
  • Fares valid for weekend (Friday-Monday) stays of up to 3 nights.  Trips can also be taken during the week if preferred, up to 3 nights.
  • Prices guaranteed for the entire 2011-2012 ski season: 1 Dec 2011 – 30 April 2012.
  • Fares are valid during standard airport opening hours. Requests that fall outside standard airport opening hours may be subject to extension fees or additional overnight charges, which are not included.
  • Diversion protected: if bad weather closes your chosen airport, we will fly you to the nearest open alternative at no extra cost.  Please note Geneva cannot be used as a diversion at weekends.
  • Ski flights are available from other origins across Europe. Contact Blink to request pricing or price online.
  • All fares are subject to availability of aircraft and crew at the time of booking.

Spend more time skiing and less time travelling

Blinking to the Alps is so much faster than travelling on a commercial airline. Flying direct to the mountains means you can sometimes be on the slopes within minutes of landing. We can save you over 6 hours of wasted travel time per weekend trip when flying to popular ski resorts from London:

  • Central London to Verbier: Blink saves you 3 hours and 10 minutes each way
  • Central London to St. Moritz: Blink saves you 3 hours and 15 minutes each way
  • Central London to Megeve: Blink saves you 2 hours and 5 minutes each way

(Time saved assumes departure from London Blackbushe)

What to do next

Please contact Blink Flight Services to book or learn more about this special offer.

Online: Complete this form

Phone: +44 (0)20 7199 1400 or +41 (0)22 592 75 77


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