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The cold, dark days of December are brought alive by the many Christmas markets around Europe.  While work holiday parties and end of year business keep you busy at home, why not take advantage of our special offer to sneak away for a night to enjoy, shop or indulge in one of these Christmas Markets:

Blink is offering special overnight fares during the month of December, allowing you to shop until you drop at the finest Christmas Markets.  For those  who need more than one day in the market, try our simple overnight fares and spend the night.

Fares from London Day Return Simple Overnight
Nürnberg (EDDN/NUE) £4,649 £5,649
Maastricht (EHBK/MST) £3,399 £4,399
Dresden (EDDC/DRS) £5,299 £6,299
Strasbourg (LFST/SXB) £4,299 £5,299
Colmar (LFGA/CMR) £3,899 £4,899
Ljubljana (LJLJ/LJU) £6,099 £7,099
Fares from Geneva Day Return Simple Overnight
Nürnberg (EDDN/NUE) €4,149 €5,349
Maastricht (EHBK/MST) €4,149 €5,349
Dresden (EDDC/DRS) €5,499 €6,699
Strasbourg (LFST/SXB) €4,099 €5,299
Colmar (LFGA/CMR) €4,099 €5,299
Ljubljana (LJLJ/LJU) €4,849 €6,049


  • London fares are valid from Blink hubs at Farnborough, Blackbushe, and Luton. Geneva fares are valid only from Geneva.
  • Total price includes all landing and handling fees and overnight charges where applicable.
  • Fares valid from 1-31 December 2010 inclusive, although be sure to check the specific schedule for each market as some are not open throughout all of December
  • Fares are valid during standard airport opening hours. Requests that fall outside standard airport opening hours may be subject to extension fees or additional overnight charges, which are not included
  • All fares are subject to availability of aircraft and crew at the time of booking
Please contact Blink Flight Services to book or learn more about this special offer.

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