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Today, Blink launched new functionality on our website ( designed to enable visitors to do more online.  For the first time, users can price and book a private jet flight online, take advantage of last minute deals offering exceptional pricing for short notice bookings, and see all of our fare sales including our “Fly for £495″ specials. puts a whole range of possibilities at your fingertips including:

Online pricing and booking

Users can price and booking line to and from any of our over 600 European destinations.

Monthly fare sales

Inspired by the season, an event or just because we feel like it – each month, we offer sale price fares to a selection of in-demand locations.

Fly for £495

Whether it’s to a Michelin rated lunch or a round of golf in France – every month, we give you the chance to fly privately for just £495 per person.  Visit to see our latest “Fly for £495″ offer

Last Minute Deals

Blink is pleased to offer Last Minute Deals on our fleet at exceptional prices. All prices are per-plane and as Blink jets carry maximum of four passengers, a fuller aircraft means a lower cost per person.

Peter Leiman, Blink’s MD and co-founder, commented,

We’ve moved from a website that was primarily informational to one that is transactional.  For the first time, travellers can price and book a private jet online.  This is an important step in expanding the customer base beyond those that have traditionally used private jets.  Our web savvy clients should appreciate these new developments.

Jake Peters, Blink’s Information Technology & Online Strategy Advisor, noted,

Online booking brings Blink further along the journey in developing an on-demand, private airline service which embodies the principles of low-cost aviation. Allowing our clients to explore prices online and book flights with a few clicks reduces Blink’s booking transaction cost, enabling us to continue offering the best prices — one of Blink’s core values. But unlike the low cost carriers, we do not view the online channel as a complete replacement for communicating directly with the Blink Flight Services team over phone or email. Rather, we view online booking as a key part of our mission to deliver exemplary service — another Blink core value — by enabling those who desire to book online the opportunity to do so.

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