Airport in Focus: Jersey

Elizabeth Castle, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK. Seen from the sea at high tide.

The home of legendary TV detective Bergerac, the bailiwick of Jersey is an island with more than 1,000 years of history, a possession of the British crown but independent from the United Kingdom. 118 square miles, with a population of 88,000, Jersey has a GDP of more than £40,000 per head. As a tax haven less than 300 miles from London and Paris, it hosts a flourishing industry of fiduciary and trust experts. For them and their clients, air transportation links between the island and the major cities of Europe are essential. Yet it remains relatively poorly connected.

Poor air connections

Geneva, for example has just two flights a week to Jersey and Guernsey, and the return trips are often routed via Zurich. A day trip is almost impossible to make, and for busy financiers, a 3 day investment is a major disincentive to go at all. For that reason, the Channel Islands have a high density of jet owners.

Fly direct with Blink

But even flying privately, access is problematic; the islands are frequently fog-bound and the wet weather restrictions are severe for larger jet aircraft. Small aircraft with superior short runway performance have best access, though pilots still require specific certification.

Blink has both – which is why one of our 3 permanant European bases for our Cessna Mustang fleet is located right here in the islands.

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Contact Blink Flight Services to book your next flight direct into Jersey .  Email them at or phone them at +44 (0)20 7199 1400.

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