When the ash cloud lifts, Blink

With the ash-cloud forecasts improving and pressure from European airlines increasing, the restrictions across UK and European airspace are starting to be lifted.

Once flights recommence, there will be severe delays and many days of backlog in the commercial airline schedule, meaning you may not find a seat on a flight for several more days.  Rather than face further delays and more missed meetings, consider Blink your cost-effective alternative.  Without any fixed schedule, and from small airports that require no large scale security and embarkation processes, we’ll simply bypass the traffic to get you home safely and quickly.

Ready for take-off

As of today – 20 April 2010 – our fleet of 7 Cessna Mustang aircraft is crewed and ready to leave from our bases in London, Geneva and the Channel Islands, as well as from Bournemouth, just as soon as the ATC restrcitions are lifted.  Our price per seat is often competitive with commercial business class, and during this period we will also consider requests to match different customers with the same trip.

Transatlantic opportunity

Several of our US clients are currently stranded in the UK.  As a result, we are organizing a special charter flight to take customers from London to New York.  As soon as the UK airspace opens, the aircraft will depart nonstop from Luton to New York (Teterboro).  Contact us to purchase a seat or take the entire aircraft.

Other long-haul flights

We are also arranging other long-haul flights from Asia to Europe and Europe to other parts of the world.  We have already repatriated Blink clients from Asia and the Middle East back to Europe.

Call +44 207 199 1400 and our Flight Services Team will be delighted to help. You’ll find more information about Blink at www.flyblink.com, including the Blink Airport Locator database, a quick and easy tool that might come in very handy right now if you’re looking for small nearby airports.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you onboard during this exceptional period.

CURRENT ASH CLOUD UPDATE: Please visit our current ash cloud update at www.flyblink.com/ash to learn about the latest airspace closures which we update regularly throughout the day.

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