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Engineering an exceptional product

The latest Citation to emerge from the Cessna drawing board is evolutionary, not revolutionary. But at $2.6 million for a well-equipped jet, the Mustang breaks the price barrier for entry into the exclusive jet set.

Cessna has a 35-year track record of manufacturing business jets with good performance, reliable systems and exceptional handling characteristics. Its twin engine Mustang is no exception, as we at Blink can testify, having now established the market’s largest fleet of 7 Mustang jets. And if we ever need the support, we’ve got a European network of Cessna Service Centres to call.

So does this mean than Ian Finch, Blink’s Head of Engineering, has the easiest job in the company? Find out more in our monthly interview:

What attracted you to Blink?

I was interested in joining Blink as I felt it was a company I could work with and enjoy building the maintenance department of a growing fleet of aircraft.

How does Blink compare to previous companies where you’ve worked?

After working with many business aviation companies of various sizes, I found that Blink has a strong team dedicated to the progress of the company and most noticeably a dynamic approach to the promotion of the company and making Blink a strong member of the business aviation market.

What are the principal responsibilities you have as Head of Engineering?

Primarily, I manage the maintenance needs for our aircraft, monitor regularity and safety requirements ensuring we operate to all requirements and that the aircraft are maintained to the latest manufacturers and authority recommendations.  I also arrange support to aircraft at any location when minor maintenance requirements come up outside of the larger base requirements.

What are the main challenges of the job?

With a fleet of aircraft moving in all directions across Europe, it’s the travelling between aircraft which takes up a reasonable part of my time.  However, there are some perks that come along with the travel…I’ve had the privilege to visit locations that I never would have seen in a different line of work.

How important is Blink’s relationship with Cessna?

The Cessna service centre network and field support is an exceptional asset to Blink. 24 hour technical support and maintenance facilities at key locations make supporting ‘in service aircraft’ possible throughout Europe.  Over my 15 year career maintaining Cessna products, I have built good relationships with the Cessna technical teams across Europe and in the US and have always found a professional attitude and high regard for customer support.

Can you tell us the most difficult experience you’ve yet had at Blink, in your role?

The M25…every week, here’s looking forward to the end of the roadworks.

We hear you build hovercrafts in your spare time – can you tell us more?

Yes, as a hobby I take part in hovercraft racing, I enjoy taking time out a few weekends through the summer to get away with my family and meet up with friends, and of course building the craft, engine and ducted fan is all part of the fun for me.

The Interview is the second in a monthly series of interviews with key members of the Blink team. If you have have a question that you would like to ask a member of our team, please contact us.

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