Icelandic Volcanic Ash Disruption (Update 7)

Updated: 21st April 2010, 09:45 BST

In this post we will keep you updated on the latest information from the National Air Traffic Contol Service (NATS) and the Met Office regarding the Volcanic Ash situation currently affecting UK airspace.

Statement on Icelandic volcanic eruption: Wednesday April 21, 09:45

Overnight most of the UK’s airspace has been available with the exception of an area over the north west of Scotland which has continued to be affected by a dense concentration of volcanic ash. We continue to work with the latest information and guidance from our safety regulator, the CAA, the Met Office and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre on the predicted movements of the area of dense volcanic ash. Based on the latest information, we anticipate that this area will continue to centre on the north west of Scotland and may extend further south into Scottish airspace during today.

Between the period of 0100 – 0700 on 21 April NATS handled 130 flights in airspace over England and Wales and 35 flights in Scottish airspace (including Northern Ireland). We are in regular contact with the UK airports and airline operators to understand the latest information on flights entering UK airspace and our operation is ready to respond to an increase in demand.

Passengers should contact their airlines to find out how the current situation will affect their travel plans. We anticipate being able to provide a further update late this afternoon.

Where is the ash cloud?

Please see below the latest forecast map showing the area of the ash cloud. The red area indicates the ash cloud is below 20,000 ft. Blue and green areas indicate the ash cloud is above 20,000 ft.  European ATC authorities have now permitted operators to fly through the ash cloud, though restrictions and special procedures must be observed.

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