Blink, and your children are there

Flying is fun

For kids, plane rides are a grand adventure, a fascinating and fun experience. For parents, flying with children can be an adventure of a different type: dealing with crying children, baggage restrictions, long queues, and unpredictable delays can be quite an ordeal.

There is, however, an alternative where both parents and children of all ages can enjoy the journey, making the process of getting from A to B an enjoyable experience for all.

Blink’s air taxi service is ideally suited to families, with children of all ages, travelling together. We’re here to bypass all the hassle involved in flying commercially – the busy road to the major airport, the queues at the departure gate, the intrusive security controls, the frequent delays, lost bags, and the occasional but ruinous cancellations.

Children of all ages

With Blink, you just need to get to a small local airport and we’ll have you and your family and belongings up and away in 15 minutes. And that includes the kids – whatever the age. Babies under 24 months can sit on parents’ laps, and for those older, a car seat does the job. Strollers, prams and small cots all fit in the back. Just sit back and enjoy the ride – and let the kids get to work on their latest masterpiece…

Blink’s Captains are ready to show youngsters around the Mustang’s super-sophisticated dashboard, and to point out wonderful sites from the window as we swoop up into the sky. We’ve got snacks and drinks too, and we’ll make sure we pack crayons and paper.

Important child related facts

  • Babies under 2 years old may sit on an adult’s lap; each adult flying may carry a baby, up to a maximum of 5 passengers (adults + children)
  • Car seats are required for children over 2 who do not yet fit into a real seat with a seat belt; you can bring your own or Blink can provide a car seat
  • Strollers, prams, and buggies fit easily in the luggage hold, while baby care bags, toys and other items required in-flight are welcome inside the cabin
  • Blink is committed to your safety at all times, and ensures that necessary child-sized safety equipment is onboard when children are flying

The Blink Flight Services team is available to answer any questions you may have about travelling with children.  Simply contact us via phone, email or online form.

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